Pioneering vocational training

Pioneering vocational training

Committed to excellence

Macmillan Professional is committed to developing and delivering practical and motivating content for vocational training courses.

As testament to this, since 2006 we have been providing high-quality print and digital resources for teachers and students specialising in fields such as health, early childhood education, computer science and vehicle maintenance amongst others.

Whatever your field of interest, Macmillan Professional provides content tailored for the reality of today’s classroom, with material to address differentiated learning requirements and a suitable use of language for the working world.

In addition to our current range of materials, we will also be offering content for the new Formación Básica courses, to be introduced in 2014-15.

Macmillan Professional offers a range of digital content, including multimedia presentation materials and revision generators.

Staying true to its spirit of innovation and service, Macmillan Professional continues to work closely with teachers; learning and discovering together and producing content to promote professional excellence in generations to come.

Vocational Publishing

Macmillan is committed to providing training and teaching content to reflect shifting educational trends.

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