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  • Pre-Primary & Primary 13th March : Carys Shannon Creativity possibility
  • Pre-Primary & Primary 13th March : Sophie Heydel Dreading drama?
  • Pre-Primary & Primary 18th April : Mark Ormerod Writing with a Product in Mind
  • Pre-Primary & Primary 18th April : Jetro De Château Gamification or game-based learning? Strategies for the analogue and digital classroom
  • Pre-Primary & Primary 8th May : Carol Read The Magic of storytime
  • Pre-Primary & Primary 8th May : Donna Shaw Using projects to develop 21st century skills


  • Eso & Bachillerato 14th March : Susan Dreger Break down the walls of your classroom!
  • Eso & Bachillerato 14th March : Usoa Sol Motivating teenagers
  • Eso & Bachillerato 17th April : Troy Nahumko Harnessing the Image Zeitgeist in a Visual World
  • Eso & Bachillerato 17th April : David Spencer The Flipped Classroom
  • Eso & Bachillerato 9th May : Louise Connolly Keep up the pulse
  • Eso & Bachillerato 9th May : Elspeth Pollock B1 Writing and Speaking: how to combine exam technique and motivating teaching ideas


  • Private Language Schools 14th March: Adrian Underhill How to find new sounds that are not in your mother tongue
  • Private Language Schools 14th March: Scott Thornbury Unpacking a text
  • Private Language Schools 17th April : Fiona Dunbar Take five!
  • Private Language Schools 17th April : Troy Nahumko Bing, Bang, Boom, Boing and Baa Onomatopoeia and the importance of sounds in the YL classroom
  • Private Language Schools 9th May : Schuyler Hedstrom Be a star!
  • Private Language Schools 9th May : Schuyler Hedstrom Optimise learning!

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