Life skills

Here at Macmillan Education we’re thrilled to be launching Life Skills, our first-ever cross-sector marketing campaign to show how our titles can reach further than just expanding vocabulary and grammar.

A recent major survey by Adecco in the US suggested a whopping 44% of business executives believed there was a worrying soft skills shortage noted in their employees. Industry leaders, universities and even NGOs have been talking more and more about this shortage over the past few months and years.

As a leading ELT publisher with tens of millions of students using our material globally, we wanted to respond to calls from the European Commission and the OECD for businesses across the world for businesses to act. With the English language dominating a more globalised world, we’re in a key position to help.

All our new ELT titles in 2014, as well as a lot of our existing resources help organically prepare students for life in the real world, whether they’re studying, working, travelling or just getting on with life.

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On 14th May, Macmillan Education organised an entire day of talks and workshops on Life Skills. Critical thinking, time management and organisation are just a few of the life skills educationalists and employers claim today’s students are lacking. How will acquiring these skills benefit the students? At what age can we begin to help students develop these soft skills? What evidence is there to suggest that teachers should put in time and effort to teach life skills in the classroom? How will including these skills in class help students find employment or become successful?
More information about all our speakers and slides from their webinar sessions.

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