Macmillan Education wins two ESU awards

On 28 November, the prestigious ESU (English-Speaking Union) awards were held in London at its headquarters in Dartmouth House. This foundation was established in 1918 through the endeavour of writer and journalist, Sir Evelyn Wrench. After witnessing the horrors of the First World War, he was convinced that if people were able to communicate themselves in a more effective manner, the understanding between nations would improve. He dedicated his life to this noble cause.

Today, ESU works in 60 countries carrying out the vision of its founder. ESU strives to fulfil its purpose of improving the relationship between different communities through their programs and courses which have garnered much interest. In 2015, over 46,000 students participated in their courses designed to develop English Language communication.

This year Macmillan Education received both the first and second prize in the ‘Young Learners Resources’ category. Its titles, Dex and Tiger Time, were awarded for their educational value and innovative approach that encourages active communication.

Dex, the most recognizable resource among pre-primary students, is an English learning method designed for children to learn through play.

Tiger Time is the most popular title for primary students in Spain. It encourages active communication and offers digital tools designed to invigorate and enliven the classroom.


Sir Evelyn Wrench