Macmillan Early Learning Path (MELP), shortlisted for the Local Innovation prize at this year’ ELTons awards

The Macmillan Early Learning Path (MELP) is the first product of its kind in Spain to actively involve parents, carers and grandparents in all aspects of their Pre-school child’s English language education, without any prior linguistic knowledge required.  It embraces the belief that parents who show attention, respond positively and are actively involved with their child will greatly aid their child’s development. MELP promotes a holistic approach to education, linking home, school and the wider environment, with the child at the centre. It is essentially an English language initiative, but MELP also promotes social, creative and emotional development and learner autonomy in the activity provided.

Developed by Macmillan Education in Spain, the project responds to a local need for more parent interaction, encouraging parental input in day-to-day learning.

ELTons, the Oscars of the English Language Teaching world

Organised by the British Council, the ELTons are the only international awards that recognise and celebrate innovation in English language teaching, rewarding educational resources that help English language learners and teachers to achieve their goals. The Local Innovation category celebrates learner or teacher solutions developed at  a local, national or regional level to meet a specific local need.
For more information about the shortlisted entrants in other categories, see the English Agenda site.

Recognition from the Parent University Foundation

The prestigious Parents University Foundation, lead by philosopher Juan Antonio Marina, recently recognised the contribution of Macmillan Early Learning Path in the educational development of children through the involvement of parents in the child’s language learning journey. The article, which was published in the foundation’s digital journal, is available here.

The Parents University Foundation aims to develop a pedagogical and educational project intended to help parents with their child´s educational process. The foundation is also involved in research, training of teachers and other professionals, and the development of specific projects for the prevention or treatment of educational problems.

More information about the foundation here: