Teachers’ days’ 25th anniversary

Teachers’ days’ 25th anniversary

2014 is an important year for Macmillan Iberia: it has been 25 years since we organized the first Teacher Training session for English teachers. The first ones took place at Girona, Barcelona, Valencia and Coruña, all in collaboration with the British Council. Between 1989 and 1990, Teachers’ Days were also held in Madrid, Seville, and Bilbao, and the focus was always on Primary English language teaching.

A quarter of a century later, our Teachers’ Days have spread across the country: this year, we will be holding events in 29 different cities, from the 15th February to 24th May.

We will be focusing on modern day trends that reflect Macmillan’s ongoing passion for transforming learning and teaching. These Teachers’ Days are no longer only for Primary School teachers, there are now sessions directed at Secondary teachers and those working in Bilingual schools, Academies and EOIs (Public language schools). The growth of these events reflects that of the high quality content that Macmillan continues to produce.

We are proud to see that our Teachers’ Days have become a point of reference for the ELT community  in Spain.

We are proud of the inspired topics covered in these events, which this year highlights gamification, the growing use of new techy tools in the classroom, topics related to boostic motivation, oral communication or which focus on learning through drama.

We are proud of our links with universities, who represent the pinnacle of research and knowledge in modern society. We have signed framework agreements with, among others, the Universities of Barcelona, Girona, Lleida, and the Balearic Islands, who officially validate our Teacher’s day certificates. This establishes an additional line of collaboration in areas educational research, digital content, new pedagogies, and bilingualism.

Above all, we are very thankful to the teachers’ enthusiasm; their increasing numbers year on year -the 9000 teachers who attended our events in 2013- confirm that we are meeting the teachers’ expectations and succeeding in our mission to support them in transforming learning and discovery.