A vibrant new Primary course which has real world communication at its core. Engaging characters and stories provide authentic contexts for communication and an integrated life skills syllabus fosters critical and creative thinking.

• Engaging real-world content and tasks, tailored to the needs and maturity of your pupils, help them to progressively gain communicative competence.

• An emphasis on the development of life skills, presented in a child-friendly way which encourages pupils to reflect and apply the skills to their own lives.

• An integrated approach to the four skills (Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking) ensures that pupils develop both receptive and productive skills in parallel, as in real life.

• Throughout the course, thinking skills activities are used to offer pupils a challenge and develop childrens' ability to think critically and creatively.

Heroes has a wide range of extension materials which can be found at the back of the Pupil’s Book and Workbook. This provides teachers with the flexibility they need to adapt the level according to their classroom needs.

Innovative support materials, such as the Teacher’s Communication Kit (levels 1 to 4), provide teachers with all the teaching tools and extension material they need to achieve the best results in their classes.

Meet the authors

Heroes focuses on English as it is used in the real world. Pupils receive systematic support enabling them to complete fun, communicative tasks, set in real-world contexts. My pupils have really enjoyed and benefited from these tasks.
Emma Mohamed

By helping family, friends and members of the local community, every child can be a hero.
Mark Ormerod

Teaching children to think critically and creatively is more important than ever. Heroes helps children to develop new ways of thinking so that they can explore and make sense of their world.
Donna Shaw

Heroes is about confidencebuilding. We have developed activities to help students to feel comfortable about challenging themselves and thinking about how they learn effectively. I think our devoted Study Skills and Thinking Skills sections will be valued by teachers and students alike.
Rob Sved