We are a company with an active policy of ethical, social and environmental responsibility, and a clear focus on human development (employees, clients and suppliers) that both play an important role in our organisation.

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Positive impact

We aspire to have a positive impact in all areas of our work. For this reason, we always strive to act in a responsible way and create a culture in which our values are at the heart of our day-to-day lives.

Wrong - right


Integrity forms part of our values, our communication and our procedures. We actively seek to comply with our code of conduct amongst our employees.


Environmental responsibility

We recognise our environmental responsibility; in both the educational material we offer and in our places of work.

compromiso social

Social commitment

In an active way, we help disabled people, or people at risk of social exclusion, to access education by providing free educational materials.

Talent On Hook Displays Special Skills And Abilities

Talent development

We seek to develop talent both between our employees -with programmes such as the Talent Exchange or free Access to training courses – and between our teachers with courses and grants.


Conciliación vida personal y profesional

Buscamos conciliar la vida personal y profesional, formentando una cultura de responsabilidad y confianza con nuestros equipos, y mejorando los derechos contemplados en el Estatuto de los Trabajadores.

Social Initiatives for 2015