Celebrating 30 years of Macmillan in Spain

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30 years in Spain seems like a short life when compared to the 170 years of history created by Macmillan since its establishment in Oxford by the Macmillan brothers. The company has an unwavering desire for excellence, a philosophy initiated by the founders. Having published prestigious well-known authors and launching various innovative initiatives, Macmillan is now present in more than 130 countries.

30 years creating and developing fantastic award-winning content for the curricula of our students. Macmillan continuously strives to understand the market better and deliver improved products and services, evidenced by the number of awards received, for example the Sounds App (ELTon innovation award in 2012) or Dex and Tiger Time (ESU 2016 awards).

30 years researching and understanding new methods to integrate the acquisition of life skills – Life Skills – which follows the guidelines of OECD – a method that received the ELTon Award in 2015.

30 years of providing training and further education to more than 10,000 teachers through specially designed events, such as Teacher’s Days and Director’s days, whilst also supporting their work through Macmillan Advantage.

To summarize, 30 years of commitment to students, teachers and institutions offering excellence in methodologies, content and services. On this special anniversary, we commit to being the best partner to you we possibly can in assisting your work of training future professionals.